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Silver Bullet Steering Linkage by
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 I think this will provide protection against chafing from now on.


This is the Advanced  Flight Systems AF2500 engine monitor.


Very good prices on custom hose
with the new type fire sleeve.
Call Robert Williams.
918-835-3660 / 800-331-5946


The new ECI Titan Experimental Engine







Bob Snedaker at Fairing-Etc.  has taken over the RV Wheel Pant Brackets.
You can call Bob at 623-203-9795 to order.
This is the empennage fairing that is made by Fairing-Etc.
This is a beautiful fairing and
really improves the looks of RVs.



Tailwind Airpark   This is a great place to live or visit . Click on the picture to go there. 


Kitlog is the best way I've found to
 log the  building of your project.



Jimmy Tubbs, VP of Engineering at ECi, is truly a legend in aviation and an encyclopedia of aircraft engine knowledge. Jimmy is also a very experienced instrument pilot with thousands of hours in various single and multi-engine airplanes.  It was a pleasure to work with Jimmy in the ECi booth at Oshkosh 2005 and I am excited to be working with him on future improvements that will put ECi  TITAN KitEngines even farther above others.

The New ECiR KitEngineTM Sump and Cold Air Induction System

This will be available very soon from ECi. We will have a price in about a month and we expect it to be very reasonable as all are ECi products. Also pictured is the new TITANR EXPTM fuel injection system that will be available in a few months when testing is complete.

The New ECI Titan Experimental 360/ 180hp kit engine for experimental aircraft.

0360 CS $20,800 assembled including these ACCESSORIES: Carb, 2 New Slick Mags & Ignition harness, fuel pump.
I0360 CS $22,000 assembled including these ACCESSORIES: New Precision fuel injection system,2 New Slick Mags and Ignition harness, fuel pump.
Call me, I'll be happy to build one for you. 602-538-6087

100% New Parts Supplied By Engine Components, Inc.
bulletAll Parts and Components are FAA-PMA Approved
bullet160-180 Horsepower Engine
bullet7.2 or 8.5 Compression Ratio
bulletAir Cooled TITAN Cylinder Assemblies Nickel-Carbide Cylinder Bore Standard
bulletHorizontally Opposed, Fixed Pitch or Constant Speed
bulletPropeller Rotation, Clockwise From the Rear
bulletRear Mount Propeller Governor Drive Adaptor (Constant Speed Compatible)
bulletWide Deck Crankcase with Dynafocal Type "1" 30 or Conical Engine Mounts
bulletCrankcase Fitted with Thrust Washers for Durability
bulletCrankcase Machined for Installation of Piston Cooling Nozzles
bulletCrankcase Machined for STD-2013 Thrubolt Seals to Prevent Mating Surface Leakage
bulletAll Parts and Components are Interchangeable with Lycoming Parts
bulletAll Dynamic Parts are Balanced
bulletDynamically Balanced VAR Crankshaft


We have the ECI engines available assembled or in a kit.
For more information call me Robbie Attaway  602-538-6087.

I received this beautiful kit engine from ECI in early November. I decided to change from the original unfinished aluminum to candy purple powder coat. It was applied to the crank case, accessory case, valve covers and push rod tubes. 

This new experimental engine has many improvements over all other experimental engines and ECI has 60 years of experience manufacturing dependable aircraft engine parts.


The crank gear has been torqued and the lock tab has been bent against the head of the bolt to secure it in place

Ken from America's Aircraft Engines came over from Tulsa to look at the new ECI engine and to give me a hand. Here he has just torqued the rods to the crank.

All ECI engine cases have 4 ports to enable you to add piston oiling nozzles for added lubrication.

Also, each case has 4 ports to add oil nozzles for cam lobe oilers.
The grooves in the above picture provide a path for the oil to return to the inside of the crankcase instead of weeping out the top seam of the case as sometimes happens with other engine cases.

Another feature of the ECI case is the grooves for O-rings to seal around the through bolts to eliminate oil leaks.

Another great improvement ECI has made is the thrust washer between the front of the crankshaft and the front of the case. This gives a steel bearing surface to eliminate the wear to the case and provides better oiling to the crank thrust surface. This is an option  and must be specified when you order.

The cam followers, O-rings, string, and bearings have been installed. The forward nose bearings will be removed from the case after being marked (for alignment) and then installed on the crank so the two case half's can be joined together.

10to1 Pistons not provided with the kit.

Idlers are installed ready for the gears.

Timing marks on gears all mated with #1 cylinder at top dead center.

Safe tied case bolts that are located inside the sump.

The cylinders, rear accessory cover, sump, oil filter, prop governor installed and almost complete. I just need to install the dual electronic ignition and that's it until I put it on the aircraft.

Copperstate fly-in 2003. Above left to right Joe Trampota , myself, Robbie Attaway, and  Tim Morland enjoying the weather Friday at Copperstate and talking about the new ECI engine to lots of experimental aircraft builders. I helped field a few questions about engine installations on experimental aircraft.

Joe is the Central Territory manager and Tim is the Western Territory manager for ECI. Both are very knowledgeable about ECI aircraft engines and parts. You can find them at most of the experimental aircraft fly-ins around the country.

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